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Nautilus R616 vs Schwinn 270

Nautilus R616 vs Schwinn 270: A Deep Dive Analysis

The Nautilus R616 and Schwinn 270 are two high-end recumbent bikes produced and sold by two of the most respected fitness equipment manufacturers today.These recumbent bikes are excellent choices for people who want to get fit in the comfort of their homes and without risking the health of their backs. But which is the better […]

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Nautilus R614 vs Schwinn 270

Nautilus R614 vs Schwinn 270 – The Ultimate Showdown

Shopping for a recumbent bike that can give you the best bang for the buck? The Nautilus R614 and the Schwinn 270 are two of the top rated recumbent bikes today.This Nautilus R614 vs Schwinn 270 comparison and shopping guide will help you decide which model is more appropriate for you.Both recumbent bikes have practically […]

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Best Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bikes

3 Best Semi Recumbent Bikes – A Much Needed Article

Working out has become part of the lifestyle of many people today. This can be attributed to the increased public awareness of the impact of regular exercise on our health.Proof of this trend is the number of home workout machines one can find online such as treadmills, elliptical machines, and bikes. One type, though, has […]

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recumbent bikes under 500

(Must Read) Top 5 Best Recumbent Bike Under 500 Dollars

Everyone is recommended to get at least a few hours of cardio each week, it keeps the heart healthy and offers numerous health benefits. Recumbent bikes are now one of the best ways to sneak in a session of cardio in without having to leave your home.They are low-impact on joints, easy to use, and […]

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exercise bikes for short people

The Only 3 Best Spin Bikes for A Short Person

Finding a good spin bike can be difficult for people who are too short and as well as for people who are tall. Getting a good spin bike, only to notice that the spin bike is not for your height is a disappointment.Before getting a spin bike, the important step is to determine the height […]

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Keiser M3i review

Keiser M3i Review Magnetic Exercise Bike – Worth the Buzz?

A lot of excitement was there in the market when Keiser M3i was launched. Even though it is the newest in the range of exercise bikes, its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. However, it doesn’t come by much surprise, as Keiser bikes have always been known for their quality and durability. The M3i […]

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Nautilus R614 Review

Nautilus R614 Recumbent Bike Review: Is It Worth It?

Nautilus R614 is the previous version of the R616 bike. Although this bike comes with fewer features, this bike is most suitable for people who are looking for an affordable alternative to the next version R616 without any compromise in quality. The R614 won’t come with fancy features like that of R616, but still, comes […]

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Best Mini Exercise Bikes

5 Best Mini Exercise Bikes That Fits Right Under Your Desk

We all know that maintaining the body fitness is already a challenge that requires hours of work out and focus, but when you are equipped wrongly, the task gets more complicated. Unfortunately, picking the right exercise types of equipment has never been an easy task. When you are buying a good Mini exercise bike, you […]

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Cycling Outdoors Vs. Cycling Indoors

Cycling Outdoors Vs. Cycling Indoors: Which is Better?

If you are considering to follow a good Cycling regime, the first dilemma you face is whether to go outdoors or stay indoors. Well, this is widely debated topic and there’s no definitive answer for this as this is purely subjective. This also depends on what you are trying to accomplish, are you training for […]

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Magnetic Spin Bikes

5 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes: Incredibly Durable and Maintenance-Free

Choosing a best magnetic spin bike can be a daunting task with all of the brands currently on the market and you could easily make the wrong decision and buy something not worth your money. Winner Keiser M3i Most suitable Magnetic Bike for lots of peopleAfter a lot of research, we picked Keiser M3i to be the […]

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